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Tengda’s large-scale experience store was currently in the midst of intense preparations. According to the original plan, the trial operations would start on the 10th of next month. It would officially open on the 24th after the big screen was installed.

Chi Xing Workspace was expected to take out the finished VR glasses at the end of July and install a DEMO for “Animal Island” to experience. The game might be delayed for another two months or so if it was officially released.

Chi Xing Workspace was not directly controlled by Tengda, so the system’s control was relatively loose. It would not strictly require official products to be released before settlement.

Thus, Pei Qian was not very concerned about the working period. It would be the next cycle even if he had to worry about earning money.

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In addition, the roller coaster project of Thriller Hostel had been undergoing repairs for a long time. It was estimated that it would take at least four or five months to complete.

Pei Qian thought that if he could not finish spending all his money by the end of this cycle, he could temporarily invest more money into this roller coaster project. He could try his best to make it consume as much money as possible without seriously affecting the working period.

Pei Qian had also planned a way to spend money during this cycle apart from that.

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Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation had been in a state of hibernation ever since they were beaten up by Tengda during the ‘515 Games Day’ money-burning war.

They were not anxious, but Pei Qian was.

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Pei Qian had to do something to stimulate them and make them continue burning money since they were not spending anymore money. That way, he could continue the price war without the system’s warning.

The date that Pei Qian chose was the end of June. This time period was the ‘summer rush’ for many American companies. Finger Games would definitely launch a series of preferential activities at this special time. Otherwise, it would seem too unpopular and would be scolded by overseas players.

What Pei Qian wanted to do was to start summer activities a few days in advance!

How could Finger Games not follow up with all sorts of generous benefits in summer? How could they be embarrassed to give less benefits?