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“To be honest, I’m still angry. You could have told me from the start that you didn’t need to be taught, that you could have passed the exam without any problems, and that you could have handled it on your own.”

“You’re right.”

To Keisei, my situation and background didn’t matter.

It’s only natural that he wanted me to have told him from the start.

“And based on what Horikita said, you’ll continue to hold back after this, right? If you don’t tell me which subject you will and will not hold back in, I can’t completely trust you.”

From now on, Keisei will always have his doubts. Stuff like, “what was this guy good at, and what was he not good at.”

As someone who taught others, he had to think badly of having someone as strange as that close to him.

“I want out of this group- Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have that thought.”

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“Yukimuu, are you serious?”

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Haruka, who had remained silent, spoke up.

After all, it’s impossible to stay silent after hearing that.

“Yeah, I’m serious. Until I heard Horikita’s explanation, I was determined to leave because I didn’t think Kiyotaka could be trusted at all. But…even so, after being in the same group for so long, I can still understand some things. I know that Kiyotaka isn’t a bad person. Since he was hiding something for the sake of the entire class, it’s understandable that he didn’t want to tell anyone. Kiyotaka could have told me that he didn’t need tutoring, that is true, but he’s bad with words, so he couldn’t say it. I can understand that too.”