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A little blood came to M. de Tregars' cheeks. His face brightenedup, and, in a voice quivering with suppressed passion,"It would have been more imprudent still to stay away," he uttered.

"Far from you, I felt myself dying."They were both leaning against the door of a closed shop; and theywere as alone in the midst of the throng that circulated on theBoulevards, busy looking at the fearful wrecks of the Commune.

"And besides," added Marius, "have I, then, a minute to lose? Iasked you for three years. Fifteen months have gone, and I am nobetter off than on the first day. When this accursed war broke out,all my arrangements were made. I was certain to rapidly accumulatea sufficient fortune to enable me to ask for your hand without beingrefused. Whereas now""Well?""Now every thing is changed. The future is so uncertain, that noone wishes to venture their capital. Marcolet himself, who certainlydoes not lack boldness, and who believes firmly in the success of ourenterprise, was telling me yesterday, 'There is nothing to be donejust now: we must wait.'"There was in his voice such an intensity of grief, that the girlfelt the tears coming to her eyes.

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"We will wait then," she said, attempting to smile.

But M. de Tregars shook his head.

"Is it possible?" he said. "Do you, then, think that I do not knowwhat a life you lead?"Mlle. Gilberte looked up.

"Have I ever complained?" she asked proudly?

"No. Your mother and yourself, you have always religiously kept thesecret of your tortures; and it was only a providential accidentthat revealed them to me. But I learned every thing at last. I knowthat she whom I love exclusively and with all the power of my soul issubjected to the most odious despotism, insulted, and condemned tothe most humiliating privations. And I, who would give my life forher a thousand times over, - I can do nothing for her. Money raisesbetween us such an insuperable obstacle, that my love is actually anoffence. To hear from her, I am driven to accept accomplices. If Iobtain from her a few moments of conversation, I run the risk ofcompromising her maidenly reputation."Deeply affected by his emotion:

"At least," said Mlle. Gilberte, "you succeeded in delivering mefrom M. Costeclar.""Yes, I was fortunately able to find weapons against that scoundrel.

But can I find some against all others that may offer? Your fatheris very rich; and the men are numerous for whom marriage is but aspeculation like any other.""Would you doubt me?""Ah, rather would I doubt myself! But I know what cruel trials yourrefusal to marry M. Costeclar imposed upon you: I know what amerciless struggle you had to sustain. Another pretender may come,and then - No, no, you see that we cannot wait.""What would you do?""I know not. I have not yet decided upon my future course. And yetHeaven knows what have been the labors of my mind during that longmonth I have just spent upon an ambulance-bed, that month duringwhich you were my only thought. Ah! when I think of it, I cannotfind words to curse the recklessness with which I disposed of myfortune."As if she had heard a blasphemy, the young girl drew back a step.

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"It is impossible," she exclaimed, "that you should regret havingpaid what your father owed."A bitter smile contracted M. de Tregars' lips.

"And suppose I were to tell you," he replied, "that my father inreality owed nothing?""Oh!""Suppose I told you they took from him his entire fortune, over twomillions, as audaciously as a pick-pocket robs a man of hishandkerchief? Suppose I told you, that, in his loyal simplicity,he was but a man of straw in the hands of skillful knaves? Have youforgotten what you once heard the Count de Villegre say?"Mlle. Gilberte had forgotten nothing.

"The Count de Villegre," she replied, "pretended that it was timeenough still to compel the men who had robbed your father todisgorge.""Exactly!" exclaimed Marius. "And now I am determined to make themdisgorge."In the mean time night had quite come. Lights appeared in theshop-windows; and along the line of the Boulevard the gas-lamps werebeing lit. Alarmed by this sudden illumination, M. de Tregars drewoff Mlle. Gilberte to a more obscure spot, by the stairs that leadto the Rue Amelot; and there, leaning against the iron railing, hewent on,"Already, at the time of my father's death, I suspected theabominable tricks of which he was the victim. I thought it unworthyof me to verify my suspicions. I was alone in the world: my wantswere few. I was fully convinced that my researches would give me,within a brief time, a much larger fortune than the one I gave up.

I found something noble and grand, and which flattered my vanity,in thus abandoning every thing, without discussion, withoutlitigation, and consummating my ruin with a single dash of my pen.

Among my friends the Count de Villegre alone had the courage to tellme that this was a guilty piece of folly; that the silence of thedupes is the strength of the knaves; that my indifference, whichmade the rascals rich, would make them laugh too. I replied that Idid not wish to see the name of Tregars dragged into court in ascandalous law-suit, and that to preserve a dignified silence wasto honor my father's memory. Treble fool that I was! The only wayto honor my father's memory was to avenge him, to wrest his spoilsfrom the scoundrels who had caused his death. I see it clearlyto-day. But, before undertaking any thing, I wished to consult you."Mlle. Gilberte was listening with the most intense attention. Shehad come to mingle so completely in her thoughts her future life andthat of M. de Tregars, that she saw nothing unusual in the fact ofhis consulting her upon matters affecting their prospects, and ofseeing herself standing there deliberating with him.