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Obviously, Boss Pei had already seen through the other party’s flaws. He felt that the critical time to determine the winner had arrived. Thus, he accelerated his attack and prepared to finish everything in one go!

Could this be Boss Pei’s terrifying insight?

At that moment, Pei Qian was in his office, checking the commission effect of the publicity plan for this month.

Just as he had expected, the publicity effect for the first half a month was very bad. It had reached the established goal. The next half a month would be spent on the spot. There would be no additional commission.

“Sigh, that’s the only way.”

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“I tried my best.”

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Pei Qian sighed silently. He wanted to give Meng Chang more commission, but the difficulty was too high.

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It was not easy for the popularity of the Doubt VR glasses to be suppressed for two weeks.

The explosion of the VR glasses at the back could only be said to be unexpected but reasonable. Pei Qian had expected the glasses to become popular but he did not expect it to become so popular.

Fortunately, the Doubt VR glasses did not affect the settlement of this cycle.

Based on the current situation, the settlement for this cycle should be relatively stable. It should not be a problem to convert hundreds of thousands.

The exact amount would depend on the income of the various games next Monday and the exact amount of fixed assets during settlement.

To Pei Qian, this was no longer a problem that could be changed by manpower. It was up to fate.

“I just don’t know how Meng Chang thinks about the publicity plan this time…”