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Although this was an unannounced visitor, there was no way I could let Kei handle it like this. Amasawa aside, given the high-traffic of the lobby, it would be a problem if somebody overheard that Kei and I were together.

“Ah, do you have company? Should I come back later? I’d like to come up and talk with you a bit, but…”

I looked at Kei. Although she was glaring at me, she gestured to have Amasawa come instead of ordering me to send her away.

Apparently, she wanted to make sure that the hair was Amasawa’s.

“No, it’s fine. Come on up.”

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I pressed the auto-lock release button and moments later, Amasawa went inside the elevator.

“Are you sure you’re fine with this? Letting another student find out that you’re here?”


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It seemed as though Kei was so incredibly mad that she had lost sight of herself.

Kei was the one who said that she wanted to keep our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship a secret from those around us right now.

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If we ran into somebody in this situation, it’s possible that rumors about it might start to spread.

“Well, it’s too late now, right? We’ve got no choice but to try and trick her somehow.”

At any rate, Amasawa had already heard Kei’s voice, so driving Kei out before she got here wouldn’t accomplish very much.

Rather, we had to consider the possibility that doing so might make Amasawa even more suspicious.

Roughly a minute later, Amasawa reached the fourth floor and rang the doorbell to my room.

“I’ll let her in, so just sit here and wait for now.”

“I… I get it.”