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Do you make money on the online color?

Yes, even though there were some changes in the number, it was still relatively dismal. He did not know when the stocks that were accumulated in the warehouse would be cleared.

The situation was great!

It looked like the smart fitness drying rack could be put at ease in the short term.


Now, Tengda Corporation was involved in too many industries. To outsiders, Boss Pei seemed to be devising strategies and had a clear grasp of the situation of all industries. However, only Boss Pei himself knew that he often missed out on certain industries. He also had to look at the blueprints of the various departments in order to remember them clearly.

Suddenly, Pei Qian thought of something.

“The movie ‘Mission and Choice’... has been taken off the big screens, right?”

The release date for the film Mission and Choice was April 14th. Normally, the first cycle of the movie would be a month, which meant that the movie would be released on May 14th.

It was already May 16th.

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Ever since May 1st, when the film Greyhound, which Boss Pei had high hopes for, suffered a loss in box office sales, Pei Qian had stopped paying attention to ‘Mission and Choice’.

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He directly blocked out Gou Yan application and various other promotional messages from various film apps, as well as entertainment and film sections of various news clients. In short, he tried his best not to receive any news about Mission and Choice movies.

His plan to incur losses through Mission and Choice might have failed completely but he still had to continue living.

Pei Qian was afraid that his mentality would collapse if he continued to pay attention to these news. Thus, he could only bury his head in the sand like an ostrich. Only then would he be able to calm down.

After all, there was still some time before settlement. There was still hope if he struggled hard.

His method had indeed had a very good effect.

In modern society, information might seem very advanced, but there was actually a very strong “information cocoon house” effect.