What is going on online?

What is going on online?


“…Well, perhaps that’s possible…”

I fell silent…Honestly, it’s happy when I’m with Amano-kun in the Game Hobby Club. So even if the stage is on the Game Club, I bet that’ll be happy as well. However…

“…Strange, what’s happening…? Didn’t I wish to be able to stay with Amano-kun forever…But I’m not willing to invite him to the club at all…”

I’m pondering why do I have an unreasonable idea like this. In the end, I can only think of one reason.

“I guess…I’m still affected by…the experience where he brutally rejected me.”

I was quickly rejected by Amano-kun back when I invited him. That scene is a thorn inside my heart.

While we’re way closer than before. With that, I’m confident that we can express our emotions freely and sincerely to each other. This is an entirely different situation than in the past.

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However, …even if my mind understands…I can’t still easily erase the memory of being rejected…I’m still scared no matter how. What if he rejected me again…and then…

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“What if…it’s just like last time, Amano-kun is putting his hobbies and relationships ahead of me…With that, can I still pretend everything’s fine?”

The situation isn’t the only thing different than last time, this time, it also includes…my feelings for the boy.

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After I fell silent, Nina-senpai gave me a weird look before speaking.

I hastily answered. “Ah, yes, that’s fine.” So, Nina-senpai seemed to have interpreted this as “I agree,” so she gave me a warm smile and continued.

“Well then, Tendou, please invite him.”