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“It’s not a video but an article.”

Pei Qian was a little surprised. Could it be that Qiao Liang had been criticized by the fake reviewers and was going against the wind to attack? He was going to fight the fake reviewers for three hundred rounds without any support?

That was really irrational!

The article was not long, only about a thousand words.

At the beginning, he briefly explained the two key points of contention in the previous video. They were “milestone significance” and “industrialization models”.

Then, Qiao Liang said that in order to verify these two points, he specially found the person-in-charge of the ‘Mission and Choice’ project, the film producer, the game designer, the person-in-charge of Fei Huang Workspace, and Boss Pei’s top designer, Huang Sibo, to conduct an interview.

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Anyone would want to show their ‘face’ on the public chat to be able to interview so many insiders with so many titles.

Pei Qian was a little surprised. This Teacher Qiao really dared to write out the contents of the interview?

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Wasn’t this self-destruction?

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However, Pei Qian was stunned when he read the contents.

He felt something was amiss from the moment he saw Huang Sibo ‘telling a few short stories’. He knew that something was really wrong after reading these short stories and looking at Qiao Liang’s conclusion!

On the other hand, Qiao Liang used the details of these stories to summarize.

“Previously, I said that Tengda is actually trying to ‘industrialize’ the game. That’s true. Boss Pei even thought of a higher level than me!”

“The so-called ‘industrialization model’ refers to getting rid of the factory-like production model. Instead of pinning the success of a literary work entirely on someone’s inspiration, you have to have a complete production process, each department has to do their own work, and ensure that all the works produced are above the standard line.”

“This is the model for Hollywood blockbusters. It’s the same for foreign AAA blockbusters. Our country’s film and game industry is still far from this.”

“I only saw Tengda trying to close in on the ‘industrialization model’ during the production of ‘Mission and Choice’. However, after this interview, I realized that Boss Pei had obviously grasped the essence of this model. He is talented!”

“There are many top-notch professional talents in this game.”

“Therefore, Boss Pei had been consciously cultivating professional talents in various fields from the beginning. He was teaching them according to their talents. The person-in-charge of Tengda Games could be said to be like a ball of fire, scattering like the stars in the sky. It was precisely because Boss Pei had spent so much time and effort nurturing that the ‘Mission and Choice’, which was completely different from the previous style, was born...”