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After all, the intensity of the matches would help dictate whether they were serious about winning or not.

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From the very first match, however, the competition was unexpectedly fierce, with Kiriyama pitted against one of his very own classmates. The two boys arose from face down on the ground and broke into a sprint at practically the same time. It was so neck-and-neck that they were both in the air as they dove for the flag. You could even say that it all came down to the length of their arms. In the end, Kiriyama seized the flag, and with it, the win.

It wasn’t just that first match either. Time and time again, the third-years faced off, burning with determination to come out on top. It really didn’t seem like they were deliberately throwing for Kiriyama’s sake, or anyone else’s for that matter.

They could be taking it seriously because I was watching, but that probably wasn’t the case here.

Kiriyama wasn’t ‘that’ wary of me, and even if he was, it was immensely unlikely that he’d be able to convince everyone else to follow along.

In which case, what was the explanation for the crowd of third-year students currently spread out before me?

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It was possible that something beyond my expectations was happening here.

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Just as the boys’ matches were getting into full swing, the girls began to show up in their new change of clothes.

Five of them had chosen the usual school regulation swimsuit. Nanase, meanwhile, had chosen an option that was far more bold and daring.

It seemed like they were on standby, free to do as they wanted until the boys finished.

Given that, I approached Nanase and called out to her.

“Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

She looked over at me curiously, in the midst of doing warm-up exercises in a blue-green bikini.

“I see that you chose a rather cute swimsuit. Is there a reason for that?”