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Pei Qian: “And then? Nothing else. That is the entire content of the game.”

Hu Xianbin was even more confused now. “Shouldn’t there be many endings for an interactive movie game?”

Pei Qian shook his head. “No, this game would only have two endings no matter the combination and permutation of options you choose. The rich would be killed by a homeless man, and the poor continue to get poorer.”

I will never make the same mistake of having many endings like the instance with Game Designer again! Pei Qian thought to himself. Hu Xianbin was shocked. “What would the players play for if everything was doomed from the start?”

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“The process will be different. There will be a different branch every time the player chooses a different route, but all the branches will return to the same ending,” Pei Qian explained. “The difference in the branches would not be reflected in the ending. “We must fill in as many details for all aspects of life under the big framework of this game.

“For example, the poor can only attend ordinary schools with low quality of education while the rich attend expensive aristocratic schools. When seeking for jobs, the poor would often run into walls with interviews while the rich work directly for their fathers.

“The girlfriend who had been with the poor for many years would break up with him because they couldn’t afford to buy a house while the rich brought different girls home from nightclubs every day. “When they get married, the poor will only be able to buy a small second-hand house with the help of the whole family while the rich would have mansions prepared. They need to do nothing but watch their estate grow more than the poor can ever earn with their hard work...

“Do you understand?”

Hu Xianbin’s lips twitched. “I... understand all too well.”

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“Oh, right, the backdrop should be in Europe. Find some foreigners for motion capture and dubbing,” Pei Qian added.

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“Boss Pei, does this game have... any profound meaning?” Hu Xianbin asked.

Pei Qian laughed. “You don’t need to know; just do what you are tasked with well enough.

“I’ll come up with the framework of the story; you and the production team will be responsible for improving the plot. Show me the plot when you are done to make sure that there is no deviation from my thoughts.

“Alright, you can go prepare now.

“You can work on art resources first. You roughly know what kinds of roles there would be with a little imagination anyway. People like parents, teachers, classmates, bosses, etc.”

Pei Qian turned to leave after a few simple sentences.

He left Hu Xianbin pulling his hair out, thinking hard.

Teacher, that question was really out of the syllabus! I really cannot understand!

Pei Qian was also fully prepared to lose all his hard-earned money this time. The pricing was meaningfulThe poor version could also be called the ultimate suffering version. One could suffer all the sins one had suffered in reality and be the ultimate masochist.