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My body stiffened like it was hit by lightning.

…No way… But everything makes sense that way. I always thought that Keita and Aguri-san didn’t really match, and wondered why a beautiful girl was dating a water flea-like presence. Everything…

“(If we assume that Aguri-san doesn’t have any feelings for him, then various things are explained!)”

My lips trembled.

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I-it’s clear to me now. Keita is really the same as I am!

“(After all, Keita and I are super easy!)”

When someone does something remotely nice for us, we stick to them, and if it’s the opposite gender, then we fall in love with them. That’s the history of a loner like Keita and me.

Originally, Aguri-san is like a person from another world for us. However… by some small chance, she must’ve done some minor nice thing for Keita sometime.

“(It’s not strange that Keita fell in love in one blow!)”

Feeling confident, I nodded. In the beginning, Aguri-san would’ve ignored a small flea like Keita. However, that developed into a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

How did that happen?

…There’s only one answer.

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This is love detective Hoshinomori Chiaki’s excellent love sleuthing skills!

“(Keita is being played with by Aguri-san!)”

This is the only possible truth.