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“tte, he was defeated just like thaaaaaaaat!!?? Eeeehhh? No, no, no way, to be that full of confidence only to lose... isn’t he José level?”

“”””That metaphor is too much!!??””””

“Ha~...... well, that’s fine... no matter who comes next, it doesn’t change what I will do. No matter who it is.”

No way, the match to decide my next opponent was over.

What’s more, the guy I expected to be my next opponent was defeated without difficulty.

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I was a little surprised, but I decided to switch my stance if I didn’t mind.

“Hahaha, w, well, putting that aside... however, that match just now. It was amazing, Earth!”

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“Right. Got me thinking we can’t just stay depressed, and only talk about overthrowing José! Ora, I’m gonna do it!”

“Yes. It’s not about José, I’m going to work hard to become stronger.”

“You’ll have lunch with us all afterwards!”

Putting aside the current match for the moment, and not mentioning my boisterous behavior, just celebrating my victory of the first round for now, the Mortriage crew raised their hands with laughter.

“Oh! I’ll do it again next time! Just watch.”

I nodded and gave everyone a high five with a smile.