What is going on online

What is going on online

“Huh? What kind of game is this?”

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“Hey, don’t just grab it away, sis!”

Sis is only agile in times like this. She took “that” away.

She deftly escaped my grab and read the title out loud.

“What is this….Rainbow Court? Konoha, you liked this kind of game?”

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“I-It’s not like that! I-I just borrowed it! Yes, I borrowed it from my friend!”

“Eh? But it still got the plastic coat on, I feel like you just bought it…”


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I…I can’t say it out loud! I bought the game because of that guy’s words! I’m literally acting like a tsundere right now! I don’t want to explain it! Kill me! Shit, my face is flaring up! I-I need to take that back right now!

The more I tried to take that back, the more my sister, who’s supposed to be a slowpoke, can dodge my attacks. She gave me a mischievous grin as she ran all around the living room.

“Ooooooh, never seen this side of you before, that’s rare!”

“Ugh…t-that’s enough, sis, give it back to me, please?”

“Hmm…what should I do?”

I got agitated.

I’m frustrated with my cowardly sis’s smug face…Finally, I took off my model student disguise and showed just a tad bit of who I am as I screamed.


The 37th President of the Hekiyou Student Council – Hoshinomori Konoha.

This is only the start of her painful journey.