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“Since that’s decided, we can hurry up with the preparations and start filming as soon as possible!”

Pei Qian could not wait to spend all thirty million yuan at once.

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For now, all the preparation work for the movie was done.

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The script had been finalized, and the initial preparations were almost complete. The two main actors had also been found. Both were quite famous and acted quite well. On the surface, the movie looked like it would be a success. It looked nothing like a movie that would fail on the day of its premiere.

Pei Qian had been quite successful at lying to everyone and disguising his intentions!

He would not get involved in finding the lead actress and bit-role actors. Instead, he would leave these matters to Zhu Xiaoce.

After all, the lead actress would only play a small part in the movie. She would not have many lines, and she probably would not be that outstanding Now that the actors playing the male protagonist and judge had been confirmed, Pei Qian was confident that no other actor or actress could turn the situation around, no matter how hard they tried.

November 22nd, Monday…

Pei Qian subconsciously switched off his 10 AM alarm and then slept for another thirty minutes before waking up naturally.

When he sat up, he realized it was almost time for lunch. Habitually, he ordered Fish-Catching Take-Out. After watching shows for some time, his take-out arrived. Pei Qian ate his food as he thought about the work he had to do in the coming weeks.

He had more or less finished distributing the tasks for this cycle. In the next five or six days, he probably would not have anything else to keep him busy.

However, he had not thought about how to spend the five million yuan meant for charity yet.

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There were many ways to do charity.