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“It’s crazy for a girl to sleep outdoor alone in this woods.“

“Even if it’s crazy, it’s the only thing to do. You don’t gain anything even if you help me.“

“This isn’t about gaining or losing. We can’t just leave a person in trouble. We all think so.“

Her refreshing face had suddenly sunk. She showed it to us without regrets. When said in this manner, that’s no way to go against a person who has been taken captive. Ibuki followed Hirata’s resolution, she spoke with a few words and hesitantly like she finally knew what had happened.

“I had a dispute with a boy of the class. That’s why I was slapped and kicked out by that ass. That’s it”

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“That’s horrible. Raising a hand on a woman”

I also didn’t foresee this development. I thought, without a doubt, she was hit in a fight among girls.

“I don’t plan to give a detailed account for it. I don’t even think you will give refuge to me, a runaway. See ya”

“Wait. I understand that you’re really in trouble, and now I understood the situation. Give us a little time. Then you will talk to the other students about your circumstances and how you’ve been left behind. Ayanokouji-kun, can you stay and watch Ibuki-san? From now on, we will go telling everyone of your situation”

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That being said, they returned to their groups and left me there. Did he left me here because he trusted me or because I took Yamauchi’s place as the reliable person? Just wondering.

“That fellow, he’s really too soft-hearted, isn’t he?”

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“To a greater and less extent, most people are like this. There aren’t people who are like that too, in your class?”

“Not at all. Those kind of people are almost non-existent in C class.”

That being said, Ibuki sat once more on the ground, hugging her knees to her chest, without looking up. And as a result of the discussion and also thanks to Hirata’s persuasion and social influence, it’s been decided that Ibuki will be looked after in D class. Some students strongly expressed opposition to it but on the occasion of the roll call, C class will give up points.

It seemed that ultimately they accepted it and thought of it as an opportunity. Hirata didn’t seem to have the same mind but the other students thought otherwise. Precisely because there could be a gain, a profit from it, it’s better to recognize the opportunity and take it.

However, the occupancy rights issue of this place is very delicate. Everything has been precisely explained to Ibuki and they made her promise not to inadvertently approach the device. It’s a natural they will do so because, if someone let slip that the leader is Horikita, she will suffer great damage.

Then we decided to order and purchase from Miss Chabashira two sets of food, water and men’s tent needed for tonight. With the cooperation of Hirata and Ike, the tent was assembled smoothly. Just before the sun sets down, everything was prepared and the students started to eat as much as they liked.

“Oh, Ibuki-san, here eat this”