How can people with disabilities make money online?

How can people with disabilities make money online?

Why? Why......

『...... It cannot be...』

Hey? Tre’ainar, what do you mean? What is ‘It cannot be’......

“N-no doubt... That power...”

It was then.

Suddenly screaming, Sadiz’s frightened voice resounded in the audience seats.

It’s like a little child crying.

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And that voice......

“Why is that? Why? The Great Demon King Tre’ainar, the Master... Big sister Mamu overthrew him... Why can you use the power of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar!?”


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“My family... The house... fell all over everyone..... No, no... Nooooooooooooo!”

It reached everyone.

And my first love cries with a broken heart...

『Oh, it cannot be... a survivor of that city... and in that place... were Hiro and Mamu there as well...?』

For the first time, Tre’ainar was crushed with a sour faced expression, and I had no choice but to panic.

It was normal for Lin Wan not to understand. This was because when she was working at Sun Strike Studios; she worked on Bullet Hole. Later, when she moved to Tengda Games, she helped to create Ocean Stronghold and Game Designer. All of these were client-side games.

Bloody Battle Song was a web-based game. One could say that it was a completely different kind of game compared to the ones she worked on before.