Is there a meatball mesh?

Is there a meatball mesh?

The other VR glasses handles only needed to press the trigger button to hold the thing in hand. However, there was a difference between the operation of the players and the movements of the characters in the game, so it would have a slight impact on the immersion.

However, the handle of Doubt VR had to be held with five fingers. It made people feel that it was really holding something and not simply using one index finger to “hook” something. The sense of immersion would be stronger.

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He played for more than two hours in a row. Qiao Liang only reluctantly exited the game after the VR glasses indicated that the battery was low.

He had to admit that the game version that was officially released was much better than the previous version that he had tried out.

The main reason was that the entire game process had been smoothed out. The game guidance and transfer had been done in the early stages. There was no obvious gap between the various game boards. Everything was smooth as silk.

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The reason why he stopped was that his glasses were out of battery. Qiao Liang’s neck could not take it anymore.

In order to give the live-stream audience a better viewing experience, he constantly reminded himself not to look around. Even if he had to look around, he had to do it as smoothly as possible.

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That way, the audience’s experience would be guaranteed, but Qiao Liang’s neck would suffer. He needed to rest.

Qiao Liang could not help but smile as he looked at the bullet screen comments in the live stream.

Obviously, his efforts had paid off!

The viewers’ comments on the bullet screen comments were completely different from before.

“I didn’t expect that such simple content would be so interesting once it is moved to the VR platform!”

“Fishing is too fun. I already want to buy this pair of glasses already! Just the fishing simulator alone is enough!”

“This game can be used for hunting, fishing, and farming. I’ve made a killing!”

“Previously, I thought that this controller was flashy but useless. Now, from the looks of it, this controller is simply invincible! If you buy Doubt VR glasses, at the very least, the controller would probably be perfect for new VR games for the next few years. You definitely don’t have to worry about not having enough buttons!”