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What part-time job makes money online?

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more reliable the plan seemed!

He had intended to give Tengda Games a budget of fifty million yuan, but he had no idea how they could spend it. Now, he no longer needed to worry. He had an aim!

At that, Pei Qian quickly called Li Yada in.

“I have an idea for a new game. Take some simple notes.”

Li Yada quickly retrieved her little notebook from her pocket. “Alright, Boss Pei. Please go ahead.”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and asked, “Have you played Gods Rising before? Make something similar. The new game will be of the same genre.

“The name would be… GOG, which will stand for Glory of Gods.”

Since LOL, IOI, COC, and WOW already existed; Pei Qian realized that not many English alphabets remained.

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That was why he chose GOG. There was no special meaning: he just wanted the game to quickly go GG[1].

Li Yada waited.

A minute passed. Puzzled, she asked, “That’s it?”

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Pei Qian nodded. “That’s right.”

We’re just creating this game to spend as much money as possible. You all would be free to do whatever you want with it.

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After some thought, Li Yada said, “Would it be… inappropriate if we just follow Gods Rising? Gameplay cannot be patented, but I think we’ll be cursed at for sure.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, that’s logical.”

Boss Pei’s aim was only to lose money and not to destroy his or his company’s reputation. There was no need to attract unnecessary criticism.

“Since that’s the case, all of you can make amendments as you wish. Just make sure you amend it so that it becomes unrecognizable. Players should not think of us as copycats after playing the game.

“The first version will have about twenty-odd heroes. We’ll aim to release it in four months.

“The budget would be fifty million yuan. Work as hard and spend as much money as you need. If you don’t have enough, I can provide more.”