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“I guess that doing things your way really would be best for all of us.”

I nodded along in agreement.

“Additionally, the large group has been quietly expanding its influence since day one and have a sizable following already. The mastermind behind it is probably quite sharp in their own way. They’ve been handling themselves quite carefully, and furthermore, they haven’t specified anything about who they’re going to expel. It doesn’t seem like Hirata and Horikita have noticed them either.”

Horikita may have had an idea, but Hirata hadn’t seemed to notice anything at all.

I had expected Hirata to take notice, yet surprisingly, it still managed to elude him, even during such a critical moment.

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“Hirata probably isn’t being held down by a specific group because he views everyone from a neutral position. If they carelessly asked him for support, there’s a chance he might try to make the group disband instead.”

“In any case, you could say that the person behind all of this really thought everything through.”

“You’re amazing Kiyotaka-kun. I can’t believe you were able to come up with all of this!”

Airi clapped her hands happily, sort of as though she was congratulating herself.

“That’s certainly true. I wasn’t the one who noticed the strange mood this morning, Kiyotaka was.”

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“I said it before. When you’re by yourself for a long time, you just unintentionally pick up on the small details. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that this large group actually exists, it’s nothing more than an assumption.”

There was no evidence as to whether it actually existed or not. This was just to push the conversation forward.