in the money

in the money

Thus, when data falsification became an unspoken rule, companies without falsification would also be considered falsification. Real data became meaningless.

Many platforms were popular with hundreds of millions or even billions of searches. While everyone knew that it was fake by looking at this number, it would be much more livelier than live-streams with hundreds or thousands of people.

On the other hand, guilds, contract gifts, rankings, robot bullet screen comments, and so on were all methods to fake popularity. These live-stream platforms had to be complete.

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On the other hand, Pei Qian was doing the exact opposite. He wanted to be the goody-two-shoes that had been kicked out of the game.

At that time, everyone would take a look. There were only a few thousand or tens of thousands of people in the live-stream on the front page of the Bunny Tail Live-Stream. How could they watch such a cold platform?

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It was also a way to reduce the popularity of live-streams with strictness, severe punishment, and bad conduct. Of course, there was also a sense of social responsibility.

At the moment, most live-streams were very vigilant against lawful behavior. However, they turned a blind eye to many marginalized actions and hype.

For example, a rich second-generation heir would drive a luxury car on the streets to pick up girls. The girls would specially wear low-cut tops for the drive. The seatbelt would be tightened while they were racing on the streets. The girls would shout a few times because of the acceleration of the sports car... Soon, they would attract a lot of attention.

Strictly speaking, this was definitely not illegal, but it would generate a very bad value orientation.

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Pei Qian couldn’t care less about what other live-stream platforms would do, but his own live-stream platform would definitely prohibit it.

In other words, Bunny Tail Live-Stream would be much stricter than other live-stream platforms.

If these principles were implemented, Bunny Tail Live-Stream would definitely be drowned in many live-stream platforms.

Pei Qian’s goal was to let the live-stream of the Bunny Tail Live-Stream continue in a half-dead state. He just had to keep paying high bandwidth fees and burning money.

At the moment, the mainstream live-streaming platform had a spending structure: bandwidth cost 30%!,(MISSING) live-streaming contract fees 30%!,(MISSING) other operating costs (such as regular office operating costs, marketing costs, copyright costs, etc.) 40%!<(MISSING)/p>

Pei Qian had cut off most of the streamers’ contract signing costs, marketing costs, and copyright costs. He had also prevented the possibility of the platform becoming popular even though he had reduced spending.

That way, he would be able to incur losses as long as he could steadily pay the bandwidth cost.

The bandwidth cost was usually the monthly limit of bandwidth. If more than two million people were online at the same time during the month, the amount of data transmitted per second would be as high as three hundred GB. The monthly expenses would be forty million yuan.

Of course, the number of people online at the same time during the initial stages of Bunny Tail Live-Stream would definitely not be that high. However, even if the bandwidth was smaller, Pei Qian would still burn a lot of money every month no matter what, which would significantly reduce his current burden.

Pei Qian had already done his research on these contents.