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When the teacher blew the whistle, Hirata jumped in with great form. As Hirata paddled his arms, the girls on the side were cheering him on. His swimming form looks uselessly cool.

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“He’s surprisingly fast.”

Sudou calmly commented. Anyway, Hirata is a pretty fast swimmer. The other 4 boys were quite a distance from Hirata. His lead incited the girls to cheer him on even more.

Hirata took 1st place, exceeding my expectations. The loud cheers reverberated in the big indoor pool.

“Sensei, what was the time?”

Ike impatiently asked.

“Hirata’s time is… 26.13 seconds.”

“Alright, let’s go Sudou. If it’s you, you can win! Bring down the hammer of justice!”

“Leave it to me. I’ll beat him thoroughly then make his popularity drop to the ground…”

Sudou got fired up from Ike’s words, but a loss from Hirata probably wouldn’t cause his popularity to drop.

“Hirata-kun, you were really cool! You’re not just good at soccer, but also good at swimming!”

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“Is that so? Thanks.”

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“Hey, why are you looking at Hirata-kun with love in your eyes!”

“Ha? You’re the one ogling him!?”


And so on. Hirata’s popularity exceeded frustration and is a shocking thing to watch.

“Stop, you guys. Don’t fight over me. I belong to everyone. I want to get along with everyone. Just because I’m good at swimming doesn’t mean you should fight over me.”