Which is good on the newbie online?

Which is good on the newbie online?

“Shallow! Your understanding of normies is really shallow, Tasuku!”

“Come to think of it, Masaya and Taiki used to smile bitterly about it. …How nostalgic.”

“Tasuku should really appreciate your friends more, seriously!”

“Then, distance yourself from games and start surfboarding.”

“S-Surfboarding? Where? We aren’t close to the sea-“

“Public swimming pools.”

“You weirdo! They don’t have the things that can make waves at all!”

“Ah, so, basically, we treat it as a giant water board.”

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“I don’t even understand your definition of normies anymore!”

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“In the end, …the kids around love to call me ‘Boardman.’ My popularity is through the roof.”

“What an unexpected plot twist!?”

“So, my communication skills got better and better when I was playing with the kids and talking to their parents. Right now, I’ve reached mastery.”

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Aguri stared at me dumbfoundedly. …Hmph, it looks like she’s completely throbbed with my < How to Raise a Normie> speech.

I swept up my bangs and asked my girlfriend.

“So? It’s okay even if you immediately tell my normie legends to Amano-“

“No, thanks.”

Aguri rejected me with an unprecedentedly serious look.