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It wasn’t until this moment that I turned and looked at that person…Then, I realized it was a familiar face.


The beautiful gamer girl with a bit of lazy temperament is standing there just as usual. She put her hands in the pockets of her sloppy uniform as she chewed bubble gum emotionlessly.

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“It’s really you, Keita Amano. Thanks for the work.”

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“T-The same goes for you, senpai…”

I still greeted at Oiso-senpai despite a bit of hesitation. So, Uehara-kun, who was on the opposite seat, noticed her as well. So, he greeted her as he fought against the CPU character.

“Ah, Nina-senpai, thanks for the work.”

“Fake Umehara, thanks.”

The two said hi to each other simply…I’ve heard that they knew each other without me realizing it. However, I feel like these two are much closer than I thought…Hmm…

But now’s not the time for that. I gulped and begged sincerely to this relatively unfamiliar senpai.

“W-Well, Oiso-senpai! There’s a favor I would like to ask you as a fighting game pro!”

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“Ask me? You? Keita Amano?”

Senpai bulged her eyes in shock. Honestly, the relationship between her and me is just “we knew each other,” and that’s it. The distance between us is never close enough to ask for a favor.

Uehara-kun, who’s still busy fighting the CPU, managed to interrupt. “You idiot, how can a noob like you drag Nina-senpai down into this mess…!”

But, even so, I mustered up my courage and spoke up.