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Chinese Chinese characters that can make money online

“Recently, many locally-produced films could easily earn hundreds of millions of yuan in China but only one or two million US dollars overseas. Overseas, their row piece rates are low, they’re unpopular, and their influence is limited.

“However, for that exact reason, our film would be able to stand out! “Flying Star Journey has failed all over the world. However, it’s a high-budget, foreign, sci-fi film after all. Tomorrow is Beautiful could achieve similar results with a much lower budget and even exceed Flying Star Journey’s reputation. That’s why the foreign distribution company has so much confidence in the film!

“What’s more, Tomorrow is Beautiful has a unique advantage. The entire film is in English, and it’s based on a futuristic world. This blurs the lines between race and countries, thus narrowing the cultural gap. That means a foreign audience would find it more acceptable! “Furthermore, the film explores ideas like income gap, excessive consumerism, the effect of wealth on people, and the like. These would resonate with a foreign audience!

“You don’t have to worry, Boss Pei! Our film will likely be able to earn more than a million US dollars!”

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“...” Pei Qian was momentarily speechless.

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Zhu Xiaoce added, “That’s right, Boss Pei. Don’t underestimate the fact that the film is in English!

“You have to understand that foreigners hate subtitles. There’s a simple reason for this. English is a very superfluous language. It’s tiring to read subtitles.

“A powerful proof of this is that China has huge quantities of video websites with bullet screen comments, but such websites don’t exist overseas.

“That’s because our words are ideographic, and people can capture their meaning very quickly. One glance would allow viewers to understand the meaning of the entire bullet screen comment. Yet, it’s different for English.

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“It’s the same with subtitles. Foreigners are not as used to subtitles as we are. To them, whether the film is in English or not would determine whether they go and watch it or not!

“That’s why it’s a huge advantage that our film is in English! Although the three main leads have Asian accents, foreigners would not be concerned. Instead, they would find it appropriate for the role and cultural background.

“All in all, everything about the film from the scriptwriting onwards has been suited to a foreign audience’s taste!

“Boss Pei, you were far-sighted to make everyone speak English!”

Zhu Xiaoce held up his thumb excitedly.

Pei Qian, “...”

He really wanted to say: ‘No! You’re wrong! I wasn’t far-sighted! In fact, I was too short-sighted! I wanted to use English to dissuade the local audience. I never thought that the film would make it overseas!’

However, Zhu Xiaoce and Huang Sibo were looking at him very respectfully. Thus, Pei Qian could not help but sigh inwardly.

Really terrible!

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